The National FFA Officers’ Creed (11/6/2020)

A new set of national FFA officers were elected last week at the virtual national FFA convention. Congratulations are in order. I wonder if the officer candidates had to recite the National FFA Officers Creed? But you say, “I was not aware there was a National Officers Creed.“ Well, read on.

At the 1969 National FFA Convention, the proceedings show that the delegates approved a creed for National FFA Officers. Following is what is reported in the convention proceedings (National FFA Convention Proceedings, 1969,.p. 25):

Bankhead of California presented a proposed National FFA Officers’ Creed and moved its adoption; motion seconded by Bishop of Texas and carried. The Creed follows:

I believe in the Future Farmers of America with a faith born not of words but of deeds; achievements won by past generations of officers and members in the promise of a better organization through sacrifice and service.

I believe that to have been elected to an office of the national organization is truly a challenge as well as an honor, for I know that my fellow members have confidence in me and will expect me to arise to any situation. Even in hours of discouragement, this confidence I will not deny.

I believe in leadership from our officers and cooperation from members to serve our organization and the national interests harmoniously with my fellow officers; and, in the ability of organized members to serve our organization and the National interests in the establishment of our goals. I believe that we can attain those goals only if our methods and policies are fair.

I believe in less dependence upon the advisor and more initiative from members, in an abundance of ideas and a wealth of sincere effort and hard work to help make them realities; in less need for encouragement, and more of it when needed; in being enthusiastic myself, and setting an example for those whose enthusiasm depends upon me.

I believe that our organizations can and will hold true to the best traditions in our educational system and, as a national officer, I can exert an influence upon the members that will stand solid for my part in that inspiring task.

Concluding Remarks

Perhaps we should share this creed with our chapter, district, area, federation, and state FFA officers and get their reactions. I know some FFA chapters and associations have officer contracts. Perhaps a modified creed such as this could be part of that contract.