Footnote Index

Friday Footnote Index – Gary Moore –
# Date Friday Footnote Title Author Synopsis of Footnote
1 8/3/2018 Russia, Plagiarism and Agricultural Education Gary Moore Tells about the Russian Plagiarism of an Interstate agricultural textbook
2 8/10/2018 The Women’s Land Army Gary Moore Describes the Women’s Land Army of World War I and II
3 8/17/2018 The American Farm Youth Magazine Gary Moore Looks at an early youth orientated magazine popular with FFA members
4 8/24/2018 Songs of the New Farmers of America Gary Moore Identifies songs popular with the New Farmers of America
5 8/31/2018 The 4-H & FFA Postage Stamps Gary Moore Contains information about the U.S. Postal Service 4-H and FFA stamps and their first day covers
6 9/7/2018 Rosenwald Schools and Agricultural Education Gary Moore Describes the building of 5,000 schools in the South for children of color with matching funds from Julius Rosenwald
7 9/14/2018 The First FFA Manual Gary Moore Focuses on information in the first FFA manual and the subsequent changes
8 9/21/2018 The Wise Owl Club Jim Connors Discusses an early eye safety program
9 9/28/2018 I Hear the Train a Comin Gary Moore Describes pre-extension demonstration trains that carried agricultural knowledge to rural America
10 10/5/2018 The Green Hand Gary Moore A juvenile novel and movie written about a wayward youth, FFA saves the day
11 10/12/2018 What is a Staddle Stone Gary Moore Looks at agricultural education in England, especially the Young Farmers’ Clubs
12 10/19/2018 The Mystery of the FFA Emblem Gary Moore Describes how the FFA emblem came to be
13 10/26/2018 The Poor Scholar’s Soliloquy Stephen Corey A thought provoking articles about the value of education that first appeared in Childhood Education in 1944.
14 11/2/2018 Origins of the FFA Ceremonies Gary Moore Looks at the influence of the Masons on the FFA Ceremonies
15 11/9/2018 The Yellow Dogs Gary Moore Explores a “secret” agricultural education society.
16 11/16/2018 The FFA Sweetheart Gary Moore, Jillian Ford A look at the past and present of FFA sweethearts
17 11/23/2018 When an Old Man Gets to Thinking Gary Moore A 1920s era poem about the truly important things in life
18 11/30/2018 Tom of Peace Valley Gary Moore Describes a juvenile novel written in 1925 about vocational agriculture and a corn club
19 12/7/2018 The Answer is NOT Amazon Gary Moore Identifies sources for obtaining FFA Paraphernalia in the early days of FFA
20 12/14/2018 Joe Writes Santa E. V. Walton A humorous 1950 era story about Joe Scatterscrew, a fictious ag teacher
21 1/4/2019 The Massachusetts Situation – The Fight to Allow Girls in the FFA Begins Gary Moore Focuses on early attempts to allow females to be in the FFA
22 1/11/2019 The Massachusetts Situation – a Profile in Courage Gary Moore Introduces the Massachusetts state ag ed supervisor – Rufus Stimson
23 1/18/2019 The Massachusetts Situation – The Rest of the Story Gary Moore, Frankie Farbotko Describes the 1930 era compromise that allowed females to belong to the FFA at the state level
24 1/25/2019 The Age of Aquarius – the 1960s and Girls in the FFA Gary Moore Events in the 1960s leading to females obtaining FFA membership
25 2/1/2019 Don’t You Just Want Me for Me? Breanna Holbert The first Female African American National FFA President shares her experiences
26 2/8/2019 The New Farmers of America Gary Moore A quiz about your knowledge of the New Farmers of America (NFA)
27 2/15/2019 The “Merger” of the FFA and NFA Gary Moore Events leading to the merger of the FFA and NFA
28 2/22/2019 Forty Long Years Gary Moore Focuses on Ag Ed/FFA/NFA concerns from the African American perspective
29 3/1/2019 Through the Looking Glass Gary Moore Views of diverse agricultural educators regarding the NFA-FFA merger
30 3/8/2019 The Final Act Gary Moore Describes the convention at which the FFA/NFA merger occurred
31 3/15/2019 Future Indian Farmers of America Gary Moore Describes a youth agricultural organization for Native Americans
32 3/22/2019 Down on the Farm Gary Moore The story of the U. S. Boys Working Reserve during World War I
33 3/29/2019 George Washington and the FFA Jim Connors A look at the relationship between George Washington and the FFA
34 4/5/2019 Booker T. Washington and the NFA Gary Moore A look at the life of Booker T. Washington and his agricultural ties
35 4/12/2019 The FFA Pilgrimage to Jefferson’s Monticello Jim Connors A description of the FFA pilgrimage to Monticello – the home of Thomas Jefferson
36 4/19/2029 1862 Land Grant Colleges Gary Moore An in-depth examination of the 1862 Morrill Act and the results
37 4/26/2019 The 1890 & 1994 Land Grant Colleges Gary Moore A look at the 1890 Morrill Act and the awarding of land grant status to Native American institutions in 1994
38 5/3/2019 Livestock Chains Gary Moore An examination of various livestock and poultry chains in the 4-H and FFA
39 5/10/2019 The FFA Slogan??? Gary Moore Does the FFA have a slogan?
40 5/17/2019 The Successful Leader of Tomorrow is … Jim Connors Identification of former FFA members who have attained major elective offices
41 5/24/2019 In Remembrance Gary Moore Remembering FFA members who lost their lives in service to America
42 5/31/2019 FFA Contributions to Winning World War II Gary Moore Activities of FFA & NFA members and chapters to support the war effort
43 6/7/2019 D-Day and FFA Members Gary Moore True stories of FFA members who were involved in D-Day/
44 6/14/2019 The FFA Flyboys of World War II Gary Moore Stories of former FFA members who served in the air during WWII
45 6/21/2019 FFA Conventions During World War II Gary Moore Describes the scaled down FFA conventions during WWII
46 6/28/2019 The Victory Convention Gary Moore FFA members celebrated the end of WWII with a special convention
47 7/5/2019 The FFA Service Flag Gary Moore The National FFA and some chapters had Military Service Flags during WWII.
48 7/12/2019 When Johnny Comes Marching Home Gary Moore Explores the Institutional On-Farm Training Program conducted by ag teachers after WWII for returning veterans.
49 7/19/2019 A Corn Crib in Illinois Gary Moore Describes the discovery of a cache of FFA memorabilia in Danville, Illinois
50 7/26/2019 The Death of Mrs. Henry Groseclose Gary Moore Introduces the readers to the 2nd Mrs. Henry Groseclose who died in 2019
51 8/2/2019 When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Verse 2 Gary Moore Describes how the GI Bill impacted collegiate level agricultural education programs.
52 8/9/2019 Victory Gardens Emma Cannon, Victoria Explains the FFA and 4-H Victory Garden program during WWII
Brewer, Barbara Kirby, Joy Morgan
53 8/16/2019 School-Community Canneries Gary Moore Looks at school canneries – past and present
54 8/23/2019 Joe Scatterscrew – Organizing for a New Year E. V. Walton Joe Scatterscrew plans for a new school year.
55 8/30/2019 Did the Smith-Hughes Act REALLY Start the Teaching of Agricultural Education? Gary Moore Looks at the impact of the Hatch Act (1887) on the development of Agricultural Education
56 9/6/2019 Alfred C. True Jim Connors Introduces the profession to the unrecognized “Father” of Agricultural Education
57 9/13/2019 Who is Henry C. Grosecose? Gary Moore Describes the life of the “Father” of the FFA
58 9/20/2019 The Henry Groseclose/FFA  Museum Gary Moore Showcases the Groseclose/FFA Museum in Ceres, Virginia
59 9/27/2019 Thomas Monroe Campbell and the Tuskegee Movable School Gary Moore Describes early extension efforts at Tuskegee Institution.
60 10/4/2019 The Founders of the New Farmers of America Gary Moore Examines the life of H. O. Sargent and George Washington Owens
61 10/11/2019 Celebrating 100 Years of the American Farm Bureau Federation – Part I Gary Moore Looks at the early close relationship between Extension and Farm Bureaus
62 10/18/2019 The Farm Bureau – Part II – The Divorce Gary Moore Describes the events that led to the separation of the Farm Bureau from the Extension Service
63 10/25/2019 The Farm Bureau – Part III – Today’s Farm Bureau Gary Moore Looks at activities of the Farm Bureau today of which Agricultural Educators should be aware
64 11/1/2019 The White City Jim Connors Looks at the agriculture exhibits at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1892-93
65 11/8/2019 Farmers Institutes Gary Moore Describes agricultural institutes which were early adult education meetings
66 11/15/2019 Boys’ Corn Clubs Gary Moore The history of boy’s corn clubs, the forerunner for 4-H and FFA
67 11/22/2019 Girls’ Tomato and Canning Clubs Gary Moore The history of girl’s tomato clubs
68 11/29/2019 Thanksgiving Thoughts Gary Moore Reflections on a teaching assignment in a Nigerian agricultural college
69 12/6/2019 Agriculture in the Classroom Debra Spielmaker Explains how the Ag in Classroom program came into existence
70 12/13/2019 Presidents and National FFA Conventions Jim Connors Lists the various U. S. Presidents who have spoken at the FFA Convention
71 12/20/2019 Follow-Up to the Friday Footnote from Last Week – Presidents & FFA Convention Jim Connors Provides additional information about FFA conventions and the Presidents
72 1/10/2020 A Bad New Year E. V. Walton The hapless Joe Scatterscrew experiences a fire in the agricultural building
73 1/17/2020 The Origins and Revisions of the FFA Creed Gary Moore Explores the original FFA creed and later revisions
74 1/24/2020 The Failed Revision of the FFA Creed Gary Moore Looks at the 1989-90 attempt to rewrite the FFA Creed and why the attempt
75 1/31/2020 In the Room Where it Happened Gary Moore Personal experiences of those involved in the effort to rewrite the creed
76 2/7/2020 Follow the Leader Gary Moore Looks at the creeds of other Career and Technical Student Organizations
77 2/14/2020 The Ag Teachers Creed Gary Moore Looks at the Ag Teachers Creeds and early teacher creeds
78 2/21/2020 Creeds Associated with the Extension Service Gary Moore Creeds of various Extension groups
79 2/28/2020 The Farm Boy Cavaliers of America Gary Moore Examines an agricultural youth organization found in 30 states during the 1920s
80 3/6/2020 The West Virginia, FFA Ham. Bacon and Egg Show and Sale Harry & Deborah Boone A West Virginia tradition going back to 1941
81 3/13/2020 Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Gary Moore The story of a special agricultural school in Texas for boys who needed “a shirttail to hang to.”
82 3/20/2020 Three Boys Ranch Alumni Chanda Neal Focuses on three Boys Ranch FFA alumni who attained prominence
83 3/27/2020 The Farm Cadets of New York Gary Moore A New York program started in 1917 to get youth to volunteer to work on farms to win the war
84 4/3/2020 Where Did Thomas Jefferson Go? Gary Moore Examines how Thomas Jefferson gradually disappeared from FFA ceremonies
85 4/10/2020 Joe Scatterscrew Confesses E. V. Walton A humorous story of the trouble Joe got into while in college
86 4/17/2020 Idaho Industrial Institute Jim Connors Focuses on an early agricultural school in Idaho
87 4/24/2020 Here By The Owl Gary Moore Various renditions of the owl associated with the FFA Advisor (and controversies)
88 5/1/2020 We Have Been Here Before Gary Moore How the polio epidemic in the early 1930-1960 era impacted the FFA and 4-H
89 5/8/2020 Teaching Agriculture at a Distance – 1940s Style David Laatsch National Farm Youth Foundation correspondence classes in farm management
90 5/15/2020 Much More than Chocolate Nick Isenberg Milton Hershey School in Pennsylvania
91 5/22/2020 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Gary Moore Hazing in the FFA
92 5/29/2020 Non-Constitutional FFA Officers Jim Connors Examines the FFA “optional officers” –  the Parliamentarian, Historian and Chaplin
93 6/5/2020 Mysteries of the Sentinel Jim Connors Delves into the history of the FFA Sentinel (i.e. the Farm Watch Dog)
94 6/12/2020 The Jewish Agricultural Society Gary Moore Documents the activities of this Society to encourage and enable Jews to be farmers
95 6/19/2020 The Future Jewish Farmers of America ??? Gary Moore A history of the Baron de Hirsch Agricultural School in Woodbine, NJ
96 6/26/2020 Jews and Farming in America Lori Shaller & Judith Rosenbaum Examines the four “eras” of Jewish farming in America
97 7/3/2020 The Sanitary Privy Gary Moore Describes the Federal Government’s Depression era WPA Privy Building Program
98 7/10/2020 The Night the Lights Came On Gary Moore Looks at the Rural Electrification Administration and bringing electricity to rural America
99 7/17/2020 The Night the Lights Came On – True Stories Gary Moore Describes the reactions of rural people as they first got electricity
100 7/24/2020 Black Blizzards Gary Moore The Dust Bowl events leading to the creation of the Soil Conservation Service
101 7/31/2020 One Hundred and Counting Gary Moore Contains an index of all the previous Friday Footnotes
102 8/7/2020 Show Me the Money Gary Moore Information about the Farm Credit System
103 8/14/2020 Plowing Under Cotton and Killing Pigs Gary Moore The Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933
104 8/21/2020 Its Alive? The Agricultural Adjustment Act Rises from the Grave Gary Moore The Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938 – then and now
105 8/28/2020 Dust Bowl Refugees Gary Moore Looks at the Resettlement Administration creation of migrant labor centers for Dust Bowl refugees
106 9/4/2020 Planned Farming Communities Gary Moore Looks at the Resettlement Administration creation of planned farming communities
107 9/11/2020 Urban Agriculture: 1930s Style Gary Moore Examines the creation of Subsistence  Homesteads near citiies
108 9/18/2020 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Gary Moore Looks at the Farm Security Agency Photography unit
109 9/25/2020 The Aims and Purposes of the FFA Jim Connors Focuses on the Aims and Purposes Banner found in Ag Classrooms
110 10/2/2020 Home Sweet FFA Home Gary Moore Looks at the early days of FFA when FFA chapter had chapter houses
111 10/9/2020 Was Lillian Lamb the First Smith-Hughes Agriculture Teacher? Gary Moore Looks at the life of Lillian Lamb, a 1919-20 Agriculture teacher in Indiana
112 10/16/2020 It’s a Beautiful Day in the Agrihood Gary Moore Examines a new phenomenon of planned communities focused on agriculture
113 10/23/2020 Another Contender for First Female Agriculture Teacher – E. M. Hill Gary Moore Looks at a female teacher in Maryland who taught high school ag in 1918-19
114 10/30/2020 Agricultural Saints, Gods and Goddesses Jim Connors Examines ancient mythology regarding agricultural deities
115 11/6/2020 The National FFA Officers Creed Gary Moore A creed approved by the FFA Convention delegates in 1969
116 11/13/2020 She Was a Woman in a Man’s Job,… Gary Moore A pioneer female ag teacher – Hester Bradley of Michigan
117 11/20/2020 Forty-One Words Gary Moore Examines the President’s admonition in the FFA meeting closing ceremony
118 11/27/2020 Joe’s Cat Experiment E. V. Walton Joe Scatterscrew’s scientific experiment goes haywire
119 12/4/2020 Cincinnatus: Farmer, Statesman, Leader Jim Connors Compares Cincinnatus to George Washington
120 12/11/2020 Charles Dickens, Mignon Quaw, and the Long Trail Gary Moore Using a play to educate farmers about change
121 1/8/2021 Former Vo-Ag Student Wins Nobel Peace Prize Gary Moore The story of Norman Borlaug
122 1/15/2021 The Three Female Ag Ed Musketeers – Part I Gary Moore Focuses on the first three female presidents of NVATA, NASAE, AAAE
123 1/22/2021 The Three Female Ag Ed Musketeers – Part II Gary Moore Focuses on the first three female presidents of NVATA, NASAE, AAAE
124 1/29/2021 Service is the Rent One Pays for Living Gary Moore Spotlights the life of Ira Hicks of Fort Valley State
125 2/5/2021 The Eagle Enigma Gary Moore Is the eagle really part of the FFA emblem
126 2/12/2021 Protecting the FFA Emblem Gary Moore Describes the travails in getting a trademark on the FFA emblem
127 2/19/2021 The History of National FFA Week Gary Moore Explores how national FFA week evolved
128 2/26/2021 Is a Storm Brewing on the Horizon? Gary Moore The FFA is concerned with Texas and the Chapter Supply Company of Illinois
129 3/5/2021 Future Farmers of America v. Romack: The Legal Storm Arrives Gary Moore Looks at the FFA lawsuit against Chapter Supply
130 3/12/2021 What Now? Gary Moore After the FFA loses the lawsuit, what do they do next?
131 3/19/2021 In the Promise of Better Days…Through Inclusion Jim Connors Looks at organizations that were segregated by gender or race
132 3/26/2021 April Fools’s Day – FFA Style Gary Moore The reader has to decide if 25 statements about the FFA or T or F.
133 4/2/2021 The LAST Miss NFA Gary Moore An examination of the Miss NFA selection and process
134 4/9/2021 Lessons Learned from NFA Day Celebrations Gary Moore A Look at how NFA Chapters celebrated NFA Day
135 4/16/2021 It’s as if life started all over again! Gary Moore The story of the Brick School for African-Americans n NC
136 4/23/2021 The Principal Said “NO”, So… Gary Moore Tells how Sankofa Farm came to exist
137 4/30/2021 Henry M. Roberts: Parliamentary Procedure Pioneer Jim Connors Who developed Robert’s Rules of Order and when did the FFA adopt it?
138 5/7/2021 A Camping We Will Go Gary Moore Examines FFA Camping trips from the 1930s and 40s
139 5/14/2021 The National FFA Camp Gary Moore Describes the short lived National FFA Camp near Washington, DC
140 5/21/2021 Being at FFA Summer Camp in 1945 Gary Moore The memoirs of a FFA member in 1945 who attend summer FFA camp in NC
141 5/28/2021 The History of FFA Camps Jim Connors, Jeremy Falk, Rebekah Epps An overview of state FFA camps
142 6/4/2021 The Young Farmers of America Gary Moore The failed effort to establish a National organization of Young Farmers
143 6/11/2021 The Future Farmers of Dixie Gary Moore If the FFA had not started in 1928, the Future Farmers of Dixie would have
144 6/18/2021 Agdex Gary Moore Describes a national filing system for agricultural educators
145 6/25/2021 The Farmer’s Best Friend Gary Moore Examines the activities of Sears Roebuck related to farming
146 7/2/2021 The Educational Activities of Sears and Roebuck Gary Moore Examines the activities of Sears Roebuck related to agricultural education
147 8/6/2021 Once Upon a Time Gary Moore Looks at the FFA Calendar Program
148 8/13/2021 What’s In a Name? Part I Jim Connors Describes the effort to change the name of the Future Farmers of America
149 8/20/2021 What’s in a Name? Part II Jim Connors Looks at the official name of state FFA associations
150 8/27/2021 What’s in a Name? Part III Gary Moore Looks at some unusual FFA chapter names
151 9/3/2021 I Smell a Rat!  Gary Moore At one time FFA Pest Hunts were popular
152 9/10/2021 More Rat Tails (Tales) Gary Moore Stories from the field about pest hunts
153 9/17/2021 Our Hispanic Heritage Gary Moore How Hispanics influenced agricultural practices in America
154 9/24/2021 What is Your Hispanic Farmer IQ? Gary Moore in a quiz format examines USDA data on Hispanic farmers
155 10/1/2021 Spanglish in the Old West Gary Moore Words we use in ranching that came from the Spanish
156 10/8/2021 To Practice Brotherhood?? Mendez v. Westminster Gary Moore A Hispanic School Segregation Case in California
157 10/15/2021 My Story – Elizabeth Espino Elizabeth Espino The 2021-22 NC State FFA president tells her story.
158 10/22/2021 Basque Sheepherders in the American West Jim Connors The story of Basque Sheepherders
159 10/29/2021 Halloween Haunting: FFA Style Gary Moore What various FFA chapters do at Halloween
160 11/5/2021 The Role of Native American Women in Agriculture Gary Moore How involved were Native American women in Agriculture?
161 11/12/2021 The Carlisle Indian Industrial School Gary Moore Describes an early boarding school for Indians
162 11/19/2021 The Last Dance Gary Moore Montana FFA members performed the Buffalo Grass at the FFA Convention
163 11/26/2021 Monument Valley High School Gary Moore The Monument Valley High School is in the spotlight
164 1/7/2022 Making Basketball History Gary Moore Many FFA chapters once had basketball teams
165 1/14/2022 Put Up Your Dukes Gary Moore FFA chapters also had boxing teams at one time
166 1/21/2022 I Place This Class of Seed Potatoes 4-1-3-2 Gary Moore Looks at FFA potato judging
167 1/28/2022 The Farm Sports Festivals Gary Moore Illinois and Iowa farmers had farm sports festivals
168 2/4/2022 Forty Acres and a Mule Gary Moore The first promise made to freed African Americans
169 2/11/2022 The Last Plantation Gary Moore Examines the USDA discrimination of African American Farmers
170 2/18/2022 A Sordid Chapter in USDA History Gary Moore The Pigford v Glickman lawsuit
171 2/25/2022 The Woman’s Barnyard Auxiliary Gary Moore The Farmers Improvement Society
172 3/4/2022 Did You Celebrate March 2? Gary Moore Research at Black Land-Grant Colleges
173 3/11/2022 How a Pig Caused A War Gary Moore The importance of one vote
174 3/18/2022 Take Me Out to the Ballgame Gary Moore FFA Softball and baseball teams
175 3/25/2022 A Message of Hope Gary Moore a 1943 Guest Editorial from Sarah Lindsay Schmidt
176 4/1/2022 Show Me the Money II Gary Moore FFA Thrift Banks
177 4/8/2022 Be Careful What You Wish For! Gary Moore Record Keeping in the early days of Ag Ed
178 4/15/2022 Is Record Keeping a Four Letter Word? E. V. Walton How to keep records according to Joe Scatterscrew
179 4/22/2022 Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks Roger Hannagriff How the Ag Experience Tracker Program came into existence
180 4/29/2022 Farm Business Management Education Gary Moore An examination of farm business management programs.
181 5/6/2022 Financial Records and Management Information Dilemma Jack Elliot Why the FFA changed their record keeping protocols that led to Decisions and Dollars.
182 5/13/2022 Have You Heard of the “Present Farmers of America”? Gary Moore Was there really an organization known as Present Farmers of America?
183 5/20/2022 A Raw Deal (Part 1) – Japanese American Internment Camps Gary Moore An examination of factors leading to Japanese Internment Centers in WWII.
184 5/27/2022 A Raw Deal (Part 2) – Agricultural Education in Japanese American Internment Camps?? Gary Moore Were there agricultural education programs in Japanese American Interment  centers and were there FFA chapters?
185 5/30/2022 A Special Memorial Day Tribute Gary Moore A tribute to the U.S. Army’s 442nd Regimental Combat Team – the most decorated unit in WWII. It was comprised of Japanese Americans.
186 6/3/2022 A Raw Deal (Part 3) – Agricultural Operations in Japanese American Internment Camps Gary Moore A look at the farming programs and agricultural enterprises in internment camps.
187 6/10/2022 A Raw Deal (Part 4) – Adult Education in Japanese American Internment Camps Gary Moore A look at adult education programs with an emphasis on agriculture in internment camps.
188 6/17/2022 A Raw Deal (Part 5) – When Junichiro Comes Marching Home Gary Moore What did the internees discover when they came home from the internment camps?
189 6/24/2022 A Raw Deal (Part 6) – Making it Real Alice Bernstein An interview focused on a Japanese American interned family,
190 7/1/2022 Who is Stevenson Ching? Gary Moore Meet the first Asian American/Pacific Islander National FFA Officer
191 8/5/2022 Agriculture Teachers are □□□□□□□□□ Gary Moore Examines the resilience of agriculture teachers
192 8/12/2022 Agriculture Teachers Have a □□□□□ Gary Moore Advocates for agricultural teachers to have a heart
193 8/19/2022 The 1920 Era Three Circle Model of Agricultural Education Gary Moore Proposes what the 3-circle Ag Ed Model might have looked like in the 1920s
194 8/26/2022 What was the Day-Unit Approach to Teaching Agriculture Gary Moore Examines an early approach to delivering courses in agriculture
195 9/2/2022 Is There a FFA Degree Higher Than the American FFA Degree? Jim Connors Looks at a 1930 proposal to have a new FFA degree
196 9/9/2022 Who’s Your Daddy? Predecessors of the FFA Degrees Jim Connors A look at the FFV, FFD, and NFA degrees.
197 9/16/2022 The Patrons of Husbandry – Part 1 Gary Moore Focuses on the development of the Grange
198 9/23/2022 The Patrons Of Husbandry – Part 2 Gary Moore Three agriculture teachers share their experiences with the Grange
199 9/30/2022 Father Figures Jim Connors Identified five famous agriculture “Founding Fathers”
200 10/7/2022 D.F.F.A. – Dads of the Future Farmers of America Gary Moore Describes a FFA support group from Minnesota in the 1940s
201 10/14/2022 To Tell The Truth Jim Connors, John Hillison, Phil Fravel, Gary Moore A chronological listing of events leading to the founding of the FFA along with recognition of individuals involved
202 10/21/2022 Will the Father of the FFA Please Stand Up? Gary Moore, John Hillison, Phil Fravel, Jim Connors Identification of the FFA Founding Father(s)
203 10/28/2022 Two Hundred and Counting Gary Moore A listing of the first 201 Friday Footnotes
204 11/4/2022 The FFA Chapter Library Gary Moore Describes the push to have FFA Chapter libraries in the early days
205 11/11/2022 Good Reading Materials Gary Moore Books found in early FFA libraries
206 11/18/2022 Breaking News: The FFA Library Gary Moore Newspaper articles about FFA libraries
207 11/25/2022 FFA Libraries: Extinct or Not? Gary Moore Asks if FFA libraries still exist?
208 12/2/2022 Building Community Through a Little Free Library Gary Moore Describes the Little Free Library iniative.
209 12/9/2022 A Book For Christmas Gary Moore Introduces the readers to Sarah Lindsay Schmidt
210 1/6/2023 The Agricultural Education Trilogy Gary Moore Describes the Ag Ed Novels of John F. Case
211 1/13/2023 Louis Bromfield & The New Agriculture Jim Connors Introduces Louis Bromfield to the readers
212 1/20/2023 PLOW Gary Moore Looks at a Reading literacy program in Tennessee
213 1/27/2023 Persistence Pays Gary Moore How the FFA magazine started
214 2/3/2023 The FFA Eagle Award Gary Moore Describes the FFA Eagle award
215 2/10/2023 Give Credit Where Credit is Due: The FFA Motto Gary Moore Dispels the myth that C. H. Lane wrote the FFA Motto. The real author is identified.
216 2/17/2023 What’s On Your Back? Jim Connors Explores the changes in lettering on the back of the FFA jacket
217 2/24/2023 Why Do Students Wear the FFA Jacket? Lanette Vaughn Looks at the hidden meaning of the FFA jacket
218 3/3/2023 The FFA Jacket 1.0 and 2.0 Gary Moore,  David Laatsch Examines FFA jackets in the earlier days of the FFA
219 3/10/2023 The FFA Jacket 3.0 Gary Moore Looks at the FFA jackets after 1990
220 3/17/2023 The FFA Jacket Quiz Gary Moore A 20 question quiz about the FFA jacket
221 3/24/2023 So God Made a Farmer: Paul Harvey and the FFA Jim Connors Introduces the readers to Paul Harvey for those who don’t know him.
222 3/31/2023 Were African Americans in the FFA Prior to 1965? Gary Moore Searches for African American FFA members prior to the FFA/NFA Merger in 1965
223 4/7/2023 Segregation in Agricultural Research, Extension, and 4-H Jim Connors Examines the era when segregation existed in several components of agriculture
224 4/14/2023 The Old Farmers Almanac Gary Moore A Look at the origins and history of the Old Farmers Almanac
225 4/21/2023 Before Smith Hughes – Wisconsin’s County Schools of Agriculture and Domestic Economy David Laatsch A look at early agricultural high schools in Wisconsin
226 4/28/2023 Unique FFA Chapters and Clubs Jim Connors There have been several unique FFA chapters and agricultural clubs over time
227 5/5/2023 The Farmer’s Digest Gary Moore Examines a Readers Digest style publication for farmers
228 5/12/2023 The Pennsylvania School of Horticulture for Women Gary Moore A specialized two year school for women who studied horticulture
229 5/19/2023 Joe Scatterscrew and the FFA Banuet E. V. Walton A funny look at how not to conduct a FFA banquet
230 5/26/2023 The Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture MeeCee Baker A look at the oldest agricultural society in America
231 6/2/2023 I Am Woman! Hear Me Roar, In Numbers Too Big to Ignore Gary Moore Looks at the rise of women in Agricultural Education and Agriculture
232 6/9/2023 The Lady Who Saved the Bison Gary Moore The near extinction of the Bison and the role of Molly Goodnight in saving them.
233 6/16/2023 It’s Complicated Gary Moore Examines the historical relationship between Cooperative Extension and Agricultural Education
234 6/23/2023 4-H Camps and German Prisoners of War Gary Moore Describes how German POWs were housed in 4-H Camp during WWII.
235 6/30/2023 Jason is Strong on “How” and Weak on “Why” Gary Moore Explores the difference between “Education” and “Training”
236 8/4/2023 Nicks Closet MeeCee Baker Tells the story of outfitting W. B. Saul students with FFA official dress.
237 8/11/2023 This and That Gary Moore A variety of Ag Ed topics from a trip throught Ohio and Indiana
238 8/18/2023 “A” is for Alabama Gary Moore Looks at the early days of Ag Ed & FFA in Alabama
239 8/25/2023 “A” is for Alaska Gary Moore Looks at the development of Ag Ed and FFA in Alaska
240 9/1/2023 “A” is for Arizona Gary Moore Looks at the early days of Ag Ed & FFA in Arizona
241 9/8/2023 “A” is for Arkansas Gary Moore Looks at the early days of Ag Ed & FFA in Arkansas
242 9/15/2023 “C” is for California – Part I Gary Moore Looks at Ag Ed youth organizations in California before the FFA
243 9/22/2023 “C” is for California – Part II Gary Moore A look at Ag Ed Programs in California
244 9/29/2023 “C” is for Colorado Gary Moore A look at Ag Ed Programs in Colorado
245 10/6/2023 “C” is for Connecticut Gary Moore A look at Ag Ed Programs in Connecticut
246 10/13/2023 “D” is for Delaware Gary Moore A look at Ag Ed Programs in Delaware
247 10/20/2023 “F” is for Florida, Part I Gary Moore A look at Ag Ed Programs in Florida
248 10/27/2023 “F” is for Florida, Part 2, The Phoenix Gary Moore The Florida FFA Leadership Training Center
249 11/2/2023 “G” is for Georgia – Part 1: Agricultural Education in the Early Years Gary Moore Congressional District Agricultural Schools in Georgia
250 11/10/2023 “G” is for Georgia – Part 2, FFA Camps Gary Moore Examines the two FFA camps in Georgia
251 11/17/2023 “G” is for Georgia – Part 3: Thanksgiving Gary Moore Looks at Georgia FFA members SAE programs that contribute to Thanksgiving
252 1/5/2024 Happy Birthday NAAE (NVATA) Gary Moore Celebrates the 75th Anniversary of the NAAE (NVATA)
253 1/12/2024 H is for Hawaii: The Impact of Hawaii on American Vocational Education Gary Moore The development of agricultural education in Hawaii
254 1/19/2024 “H” is for Hawaii – Raising Cane! Gary Moore Looks at agricultural projects and teachers in Hawaii.
255 1/26/2024 “H” is for Hawaii – Evolving Gary Moore Examines the growth and changes of agricultural education programs in the state.
256 2/2/2024 “I” is for Idaho, Part 1 Gary Moore Looks at the early days of Ag Ed/FFA in Idaho
257 2/9/2024 “I” is for Idaho, Part 2 Gary Moore Looks at the teacher shortage and modern day Ag Ed in Idaho.